Facial treatments

Treat yourself to a made-to-measure comprehensive treatment that delivers real results as well as a truly relaxing experience

EQSGEN Esthétique offers personalised facial treatments to give you a relaxing experience and results that will pleasantly surprise you. When you visit us, our beauty therapists will listen to your needs and help you choose the technique and products most suited to your skin type and preferences. A well-being experience designed just for you.

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Our treatments

Personal consultation

At EQSGEN Esthétique, we don’t follow a pre-defined treatment or protocol. We believe that each person has different wishes and needs and that their skin has its own characteristics (sensitive, mature, acne-prone, dry, etc.). All of our treatments start with a consultation with our therapists, who will advise you on the selection of the treatment technique, the products we will use and the likely results. Meeting your exacting requirements is what drives us. Contact us


Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling, or acid treatment, is a non-invasive method that can achieve a number of different aims: bringing a youthful glow to ageing skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, diminishing acne scars or enlarged pores as well as eliminating age spots. The treatment can also be beneficial for very oily skin.
We recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation to determine if this treatment is suitable for you. We recommend that you prepare your skin in the weeks or months before having this type of treatment.

You should also consider a post-peeling treatment.


Mesotherapy is a method that involves multiple virtually pain-free injections of active substances into the top layer of the skin. These injections stimulate the microcirculation of the subcutaneous layer and improve the metabolism of fatty tissues.

Mesotherapy is suitable for all skin types. The ingredients used in the injections will be determined by the area being treated and the problem being addressed.

This technique is especially suited to treating areas of loose skin, the prevention of wrinkles and tired skin. It guarantees smoother skin, improved skin tone and reduced wrinkles.

Ultra Focus

Ultra Focus is an advanced technique for tightening the skin. The device combines the latest innovations in vacuum and radiofrequency technology to deliver effective and highly personalised treatments with natural and long-lasting results.

The number of sessions will be defined according to your age and the condition of your skin. After a consultation with our therapists, you will receive a personalised programme and all the instructions you need to be able to maintain the results of the treatment.

The session can be combined with another facial treatment if you wish.

EQSGEN Esthétique prices

Facial care

  • Face care Dr ZO Zein Obagi

    180 CHF

    For all skin types / 50 min session

  • Facial peeling

    700 CHF

    Price of the 5-session pack - unit price CHF 150.-

  • Mesotherapy

    850 CHF

    Price of the 5-session pack - unit price CHF 180.-

  • Radio frequency for the face

    500 CHF

    Price of the 5-session pack - unit price CHF 120.- / 20-minute session

  • Radio frequency face & neck

    650 CHF

    Price of the 5-session pack - unit price CHF 140.- / 30 min. session

  • Radio frequency for face, neck & décolleté

    750 CHF

    Price of the pack of 5 sessions - unit price CHF 160.- / Session of 40 min.

  • Vodder lymph drainage - Face

    250 CHF

    Price of the 5-session pack - unit price CHF 60.- / 30 min. session

  • Face massage

    230 CHF

    Price of the 5 session pack - unit price CHF 50.- / Session of 20 min

  • Scrub - Massage - Mask

    300 CHF

    Price of the 5-session pack - unit price CHF 65.- / 30-minute session

  • Combined radiofrequency facial treatment

    300 CHF

    Session of 1h30

  • Mesotherapy combination facial treatment

    300 CHF

    Session of 1h30

  • Combination facial treatment peeling

    300 CHF

    Session of 1h30

  • BODYsculpt face

    700 CHF

    Price of the 5-session pack - unit price CHF 150.-

  • For optimal results, several sessions are necessary, which is why we have developed packages at preferential prices.