To prolong the effects of our treatments, we have selected some excellent skincare products for you

EQSGEN Esthétique brings you high-quality, medical-grade skincare products and pioneering and effective products and treatments that remain accessible to all.

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ZO® Skin Health

ZO® Skin Health offers an holistic approach to achieving healthy skin for everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, skin type and condition, through the power of science. The brand includes a wide range of skin health products: correction of sun damage, prevention of new damage with colour-enhancing pigments and protection against future damage.

Swissestetic represents the gold standard of Swiss quality in the field of medical-grade skincare. It is the sole distributor of reputable brands such as mesoestetic®, Dermaroller® and Hyaluron-Express® – truly innovative products that are kind to the skin. Swissestetic has recently created its own brand of medical-grade skincare, which offers a small but high-quality range, affordable and aligned with today’s needs.